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FUTURCAST - Science, Knowledge, Leading Edge Technology

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Since 1985, Futurion has viewed forecasting as a combination of science, knowledge and leading-edge information technology. Consequently, the pioneering FUTURCAST AI engine has constantly been improved. The software exploits today a secure cloud infrastructure enhanced by user interfaces adapted for mobile devices. A customized solution may, if a client prefers, be installed on premise. The implementation is turn-key. It requires little or no training and is remotely supported by expert staff. The end result is transparent sales and marketing collaboration that drives all steps of the monthly S&OP process.



Demand forecasting excellence and value-added S&OP are Futurion’s core competencies. Our experience and long tradition of research and development has produced specialized solutions for organizations that operate under short or long lead times, and require accurate and early reading of the changing market dynamics. Our demand forecasting solutions, general or specific to pharmaceutical or other industries, with the option of a secure cloud infrastructure, are designed to:

Deliver a single forecast that allows for the elaboration of marketing, sales, financial, and supply chain plans that are aligned with each other.
Produce near to long-term demand forecasts for both new and existing products.
Anchor the demand forecast to an AI engine benchmark.
Create a central repository of all pertinent information with tools to effectively balance demand and supply.
Complement sell-in data with sell-out information such as point-of-sales, ex-wholesaler sales and other audit data.
Consolidate the reasons of the demand forecasts through a transparent collaborative process.
Generate a what-if production schedule based on lead time, batch sizes, safety stocks and min / max production levels.
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