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Our Company

Futurion was co-founded in 1985 by Dr. Robert Carbone and Dr. Spyros Makridakis, then leading academics in the field of forecasting. Under the leadership of Dr. Carbone, Futurion has achieved worldwide reach with its principal office in Montreal, Canada; and offices in New Jersey, USA; and Zug, Switzerland.

Our academic background and the over 30 years of real world forecasting experience are the hallmark of our success in producing expert forecasting solutions that other software companies cannot provide.

Our Team

Our team of forecasting experts, consultants and software developers are dedicated to meeting the special needs of companies of all industries worldwide and to improving the forecasting infrastructure and processes of our clients.

Our Solutions

Forecasting excellence and improved sales and operations planning are Futurion’s exclusive focus. Our long tradition of research and development has produced specialized solutions for organizations that operate under short or long lead-times and require an accurate reading of the changing market dynamics. Our forecasting solutions, whether general or specific to pharmaceutical, CPG, or industrial companies, embody certain fundamental characteristics. They are designed to:

  • Supply a single forecast that allows for the elaboration and alignment of marketing, sales, financial, and supply chain plans
  • Produce near to the long term forecasts for new and existing products
  • Provide a central repository of all pertinent information
  • Complement sell-in data with sell-out information such as point of sale, ex-wholesalers’ sales and other audit data
  • Build on enterprise technologies
  • Consolidate the reasons for the forecasts through collaborative forecasting

Our solutions achieve unparalleled accuracy, transparency, accountability, stability, and consistency in forecasting and planning.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to excellence in operational and strategic enterprise forecasting.  While our core competencies span many industries, we are especially committed to the design and global roll-out of customized forecasting systems that apply over the entire life cycle of make-to-stock products. These custom FUTURCAST applications range from:

  • Population and segmentation approaches for new products forecasting
  • Assumption-based total market solution environments for pharmaceutical products
  • Forecasting weekly demand for existing products at the ship-to locations.

We are devoted to implementing Excel free systems that go beyond the scope of what SAP and other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors offer.

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